Our humble beginning…

It all started with the word “Passion”. The passion to be a blessing and the passion to pursue creative ideas that will greatly promote and bring in the competitiveness of Filipino best cuisine.

Memixed Food Corporation was established in November 2, 2011 through the dedication of visionary entrepreneurs. The group was part of the Mission’s Board of Journey Church Philippines and they saw the need to raise fund for church planting and community outreach programs. The desire to help birthed the new concept of a quick service restaurant called Sawsawjuan - a venture that will help generate income and create more jobs and opportunities for aspiring potential entrepreneurs.

It’s our faith that leads us to begin the first branch on February 25, 2012 in a 53 sq/m area of Pacific Centre Building at the heart of China town in Binondo Manila. We move away from the hindrances of having limited fund and bond ourselves to begin with determination. The groups’ distinct preference to the varieties of dipping sauces creates the artistic name Sawsawjuan; it was derived from the word sawsaw means (Dip) and Juan (the name symbolizing simplicity and ingenuity of Filipinos). The trademark Sawsawjuan will showcase the cravings of Juan dela Cruz to different mixtures of dipping sauces or “sawsawan.”

In the culture of Filipino dining table, the first thing comes in mind is to prepare a suitable sawsawan for a definite cuisine. This gives Filipino the way to fine-tune every dish on their desired taste. It shows creativity and patience that can totally give an enchanting taste for every best Filipino cuisine.

Our edge from other local Filipino restaurants is our artistic Sawsawjuan Bar – a table where you can find a myriad of ingredients to create your own choice dip sauce. It includes everything from the Pinoy’s household dining table. Patis (fish sauce), toyo (Soy Sauce), bagoong alamang (salt-fermented shrimp paste) and bagoong isda (salt-fermented fish), Kalamansi, Siling Labuyo or bird’s-eye chili, Banana ketchup and Sarsa (sweet liver sauce), chopped tomatoes and onion. We are offering ensalada, green mango, lató or seaweed of various kinds, and chili, as well as atsara of pickled green papaya and other veggies, burong manga (pickled mango), and burong isda (salt-fermented rice with fish).

We featured different kinds of vinegar such as Sukang Iloko (Cane Vinegar), Sukang Tuba, (Coconut Vinegar), Sukang Paombong (Palm Vinegar), Sukang Pinakurat (Iligan version of Palm Vinegar. Sawsawjuan Restaurant promotes business opportunities to small entrepreneur in provinces and barrios of the country that supplies these product lines. Needless to say, that these ideas and business concept will promote “The Authentic Filipino Regional Best.” Combining different Filipino dishes from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

We know that every person who wishes to build a successful product line should check their passion meter before they start building. We should consider asking ourselves the questions: What do we want? And what do we believe? Memixed Food Corporation envisions being the finest restaurant chains of Filipino favorite regional cuisines nationwide. We are dedicated to develop more quality and cost efficient food for everyone in the future.

As we pursue our vision, we want to invite other aspiring potential entrepreneur to be part of our dream - making the authentic Filipino regional food competitive to the global market. Dream with us and be part of the blessed, so we can be a blessing to people and our nation for the glory of God



We envision being the finest restaurant chain of Filipino favourite regional cuisine nationwide.


1. To showcase our very own Sawsawan Bar “where you can mix your favourite dip.” Touching the cravings of Filipino’s in dipping sauces.
2. To inspire the competitiveness of Filipino cuisines worldwide.
3. To generate income by creating more jobs and opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.
4. To produce quality and cost efficient food products.
5. To live on our values that we are blessed by God to be a blessing – supporting church mission and charity programs.

Corporate Values

MFC gives importance to the following: “We are BLESSED to be a blessing.”

B - Building dreams.
L - Love for Filipino culture.
E - Excellence in work ethics.
S - Satisfaction guaranteed.
S - Service to people.
E - Entrepreneurial spirit.
D - Dedication to God.

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